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Jul 10, 2014

Are you an Anime Lover

Their ideas and values are different from the mainstream. Most of us are talented with artistic minds and many of us are creative. Anime creates a whole new dimension of imaginary world, where we can feel everything we want in real life. Anime creates a world which makes us laugh in happiness, gives us  friends with same interest to share our feelings, teaches us all aspects of life and inspires us to do better in real life. In a survey in a social networking site, when we asked about ” why you like anime?”, we found more than 300 people saying that they can live an imaginary life in anime world which gives them happiness. Many of them said it is better than reality, where some said it brings smile to them. Most of them said anime is a part of their life since their childhood and they can’t imagine their world without it.

In my case, I am from a country where people think they are very matured and evolved and spiritually awakened but still they believe that love marriage or marriage of there choice is like an unforgivable mistake. These so called “evolved” people still think that they should become a engineer or architect just because their peers are doing it. And they say anime is for children, by labelling people who watch anime as childish and immature. The sarcastic thing is that these idiots (includes some of my friends also) cannot even begin to comprehend the basic lessons which anime conveys. I would define anime as an art form which can covey larger than life messages without incurring heavy production cost to the producers or and actors and actress that have unlimited unexplained scandals. Majority of the storyline in anime gives us a plethora of characters to identify us with which helps kids in identifying themselves. That being said another fact came into my mind where people address anime as “childish” , come to think of it children are the most naive beings on this planet, we grown ups ruin them by instilling bad thoughts and guiding them in to the same abyss which we call life, bounded by pre-defined boundaries of celestial proportions .

These boundary structures can be bend into any form which we feel will suit the world better rather than blindly obeying rules . This was one of the main things I found similar in the world of “Attack of Titans”. The people who live inside the walls, scared of outside world bore the exact reflection of those in this planet who are scared to play with anything , take risks or experiment . Not only are they scared but they also try to influence their peers or children with their thoughts and trying to restrain them . And if anyone try to alter from this walk of life , these “scary cats” bill them weirdos (in our world weirdos include otakus, anime fans, gamers , nerds , artists and geeks). So far I been explaining a small piece of mind. It is time to wrap this up.

Concluding I honestly feel anime fans and otakus wherever in the world has no needs to hide their real interests from their peers , or create alternate Facebook ids (one for normal friends and one for anime fans). I feel we should gladly say “Yea I am interested in anime”. We do not even have the slightest obligation to explain to the insane who might ask “is not that childish?” . This is mainly because it will be like trying to explain to a dog that he doesn't have to bark on seeing every passer by on the street as they are not criminals and muggers.

Jun 15, 2014

Small Pictorial journey of Makkah & Madinah (Part 2)

Let's continue part 2 of the post.

Makkah al Mukaramah

As the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him ) and a site of Prophets first revelation of the Holy Quran. Makkah is regarded as the holiest city. Makkah is home to the Kaaba, Which is holiest site, as well as being the direction of all Five times prayers of all Muslims. Mecca was long ruled by Prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon him) descendants. Currently Makkah is undergoing many architectural constructions and expansions due the continuously raising number of  pilgrimage.

Masjid e haram - Makkah

Places to visit your journey to Makkah are Ghar-e-hirah (hirah cave) & Ghar-e-sor (sor cave). Other places you will visit durning Haj period are Maidan al iraffat, Maidan Mina, Maidan Muzdallifah.

Mount Noor where Ghar e hirah is located

Maidan e Mina

Maidan e Arafat

Here are some more pictures from Makkah

Small Pictorial journey of Makkah & Madinah (Part 1)

(This post is request from my friend -brother Hendry- from indonesia. Dedicated to his friend who want to visit Madinah and Makkah during the Hajj of this year In sha allah)

This post will consist of two parts.

First part:

Madinah ul Munawarah

           The burial place of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). It is the second holiest city after Mecca. Medina is critically significant in Islamic History as Muhammad's final religious base after the Hijrah and the location of his death in 632 AD/11 AH. Medina was the power base in first century, first under Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) leadership and then under the first four caliphs of Islam: Syed Abu Bakr al sadiq (RA), Syed Omar (RA), Syed Othman (RA) and Syed Ali. (RA).

A glimpse from the city of Madinah ul Munawarah at night 
Important religious site is Al-Masjid al-Nabawi or The Mosque of The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Where His tomb is located under the green tomb. There are some other religious sites in Madinah, like Uhud Mountain, Qubaa Mosque & Qiblatain Mosque.

Upper left picture is Uhud mountain at night, Upper right is Qubaa Mosque, Lower left is Qiblatain Mosque & lower right is Uhud mountain at day time.

Madinah ul Munawarah roads at night

Masjid e Nabawi ground

Masjid e Nabawi ground

To Masjid e Nabawi

Near Masjid e Nabawi

Prophet Muhammad Mosque

Ground of Prophet Muhammad Mosque
Other places that are worth visiting your journey are Madinah Date market & Museum

here are some pictures from museum:

More Pictures from Madinah ul Munawarah

To be contiunued in part 2